Why You Might Need a Tire Rotation Now

Tire rotation is the process of removing your tires from your vehicle and moving them to a different position on your car. This vital and valuable piece of maintenance that can ensure your car's continued performance and prolong the healthy life of your tires.

Here are some signs you might require tire rotation now.

  • Your car's performance on the open road has diminished considerably
  • Your car is more difficult to handle around corners and turns
  • You've driven more than 7,500 miles since your last tire rotation

Are you interested in learning more about tire rotation? The service center at Rick Hendrick BMW is staffed with knowledgeable workers, ready to answer your questions. In addition, we are equipped with the right equipment, tools, and skills to take care of your tire rotation easily and efficiently. Give us a call at our location in Charleston, SC to schedule an appointment today.

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