Need A Refresher On How To Switch Audio Sources In Your BMW 4 Series?

Technology can be helpful. Very helpful. That is, once you know how to use it. With the increasing capability of new in-car technologies, there's often an increasing amount of confusion for some as to how exactly said technology works. If you need a refresher on how to switch audio sources in your BMW 4 Series, we're happy to provide you with the following information.

Click or Click and Turn: Switching Audio Sources in Your BMW

If you're like many of us at Rich Hendrick BMW, you probably enjoy listening to a good song on the radio. Maybe you like to listen to AM talk radio or podcasts. Or, perhaps you prefer to peruse different eras of music via satellite radio. Well luckily, you have all of these choices available to you in a new BMW 4 Series. But how about when you take your kid in the car and he or she wants to change your podcast and play her music instead? How do you switch the source? Here's three different ways you can change your audio source:


Enjoy using your BMW's audio and infotainment system!

  • Press the "mode" button on your steering wheel repeatedly until you see the desired source highlighted on your center-dash screen
  • Press the mode button in the panel of buttons on your dashboard until your desired source appears on your center-dash screen.
  • Press "media" on your iDrive controller twice. Following that, turn your iDrive knob until you see the source you want to choose selected on your center-dash screenk.
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