BMW Sport Activity Vehicles are a great choice for any family who is looking for a vehicle that will suit all the needs of their life. Our team is here to help you see the 2020 BMW X3 in Charleston so that you can see how this is the great choice you will want in your life. Many other manufacturers don't offer an exciting vehicle with a lot of space, but the 2020 BMW X3 fills that gap.

We are here to schedule you with a test drive so that you can see exactly what this model offers and how it will help you enjoy every minute of your drive.


Cargo Space of the 2020 BMW X3

A vehicle that is right for any adventure needs to be able to bring along the gear that you will need. The 2020 BMW X3 has a lot of room to help you pack all the essential gear and anything else that you might need. If you can fold down the rear seats, you will be able to use up to 62.7 cubic feet of space. If those seats are being used, you will still have up to 28.7 cubic feet of space.

The floor of the loading area is flat, making it easier for you to load and organize the items that you need to bring along. The power liftgate also makes it easy for you to pack any item into your 2020 BMW X3.


Get a Closer Look by Scheduling Your Test Drive Soon

Our experts want to make sure you can be confident whenever you get behind the wheel, able to answer any of your questions and making sure the new BMW model that you are choosing is the one that you will want in your driveway. We have given you an idea of the space that is inside but seeing the 2020 BMW X3 will give you a better idea of how it is right for your life.

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