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Make Sure Your Pre-Road Checklist Is in Order

Our staff members at Rick Hendrick BMW Charleston wants people to be safe while traveling for work or play. One way to ensure that your road trip will be fun and safe is to make sure you check off all the essentials on your list.

Our dealership wants your trip to be safe as planned. Call today and schedule a visit with us in Charleston, SCjust to make sure your vehicle is in top…

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Our Online Financing Application Makes Ownership Simpler than Ever

The quickest and most efficient way to apply for vehicle financing is to avoid the dealership financing department altogether and apply for financing from the comfort of your own home. That's simple to do with our online financing application at Rick Hendrick BMW Charleston.

Filling out an online application for vehicle financing allows you to get approval almost instantly, without having half a dozen dealership finance managers watching over your shoulder.

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How to Avoid a Mess When Transporting Food in Your Car This Holiday Season

Anyone will probably agree that one of the most challenging things about driving is driving with cooked food on board and making sure you don’t create a mess. As the holiday season approaches, many people would love to transport a home cooked meal to a friend or a loved one in a different location. Here is some practical advice on how to avoid messing up the food and your car.

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Why You Might Need a Tire Rotation Now

Tire rotation is the process of removing your tires from your vehicle and moving them to a different position on your car. This vital and valuable piece of maintenance that can ensure your car's continued performance and prolong the healthy life of your tires.

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BMW Concept SUV, X7 iPerformance, Unveiled

BMW has released a new would-be X-series addition (we say "would-be" since it's a concept) dubbed the X7 iPerformance. This new BMW concept SAV is full-sized and features three rows of seating, unlike many BMW SAV's past. It also has a design that is different than anything BMW has put out in the past...

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Need A Refresher On How To Switch Audio Sources In Your BMW 4 Series?

Technology can be helpful. Very helpful. That is, once you know how to use it. With the increasing capability of new in-car technologies, there's often an increasing amount of confusion for some as to how exactly said technology works. If you need a refresher on how to switch audio sources in your BMW 4 Series, we're happy to provide you with the following information...


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