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Half-Year BMW Sales Higher Than Ever

A reliable mark to see if a manufacturer can provide what drivers want is by looking at sales numbers. BMW has been on a mission to bring drivers the most innovative technology, powerful engines, and overall beautiful vehicles. Seeing that they have sold over a million vehicles so far this year, it is appropriate to say that they are achieving that mission.

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BMW to Include Skype in their Vehicles

BMW has been doing everything it can to bring the best technology to its drivers. The newest partnership to make this happen is with Microsoft to enable Skype compatibility with the BMW iDrive system.


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The Essentials of Changing a Tire

One of the most common issues that drivers face on a road trip has to be a flat tire. Whether it is from a pothole or a nail in the road, a flat tire can ruin a trip, unless you are prepared. When you have the right items to fix your tire, you can bypass waiting for someone to have to come to help you.

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Why Oil Is So Important

Many drivers know that they need to get their oil changed every 5,000 or so miles, but they don’t all understand why it is important. Oil is one of the most essential fluids in a vehicle, without it, an engine would quickly deteriorate.

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BMW Partners with Parkmobile to Simplify your Life

The first automaker making strides to simplify city parking is BMW. All the new BMW vehicles will allow the driver to find, reserve, and pay for parking through the touchscreen in their car. This new service has become possible due to the recent partnership between Parkmobile and BMW.


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Luxury Performance Without Excess in the BMW X5 xDrive35i

While the BMW X5 offers luxurious trappings galore, and a spacious and practical cabin, it’s also designed to offer a thrilling driving experience at every level. With a chassis designed to handle this in every trim level, the trick is figuring out just how much power you need. If you prefer “balance” over “excess,” the xDrive35i is where you’ll find it.

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The 2017 BMW 5 Series and the Art of Intelligent, Sporty Luxury



The BMW 5 Series is now in its seventh generation, and through these iterations, it has established itself as a benchmark of luxury, performance, and technology. And while some may say that the 5 Series is now more tech and luxury focused than sporty, that simply isn’t true—especially when you can choose which features you want.

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What's the Importance of Having Your Brakes Serviced

We all are very busy with life and the things that go on within our busy schedule, but it is our job to make sure that things are functioning to the best of their ability and that includes our automobile. There are lots of things that can go wrong with our car, but the most important thing that should always be in proper working condition is your brake system.
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Essential Tools for Your Roadside Emergency Kit

While it would be great to drive around with an entire mechanics toolkit in your trunk, grocery's and passengers can make that impossible. Here's a list of some tools that you should consider adding to your roadside emergency kit.
First, your toolkit should be tailored to your level of mechanical comfort. If you're not sure if you should have a left handed wrench then you should probably limit your toolkit to things you feel safe using.
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