A Look at the New BMW 7 Series and the Competition

With a mild update to the interior and a slew of new features, the 2020 BMW 7 Series adds a lot that drivers will love for their time behind the wheel. The luxury and sophistication of the 2020 7 Series is unrivaled, although there are those that try.

One such competing luxury brand is Lexus. The 2019 Lexus LS has some impressive features, but we want you to see everything and decide for yourself when it comes to which you will want in your driveway.

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2020 BMW 7 Series vs 2019 Lexus LS

  • The 2020 BMW 7 Series offers a wider range of trim options than the Lexus LS does.
  • There is only one engine option and a hybrid system for the Lexus LS while the BMW 7 Series has three engine options and a hybrid.
  • You can upgrade the BMW 7 Series to have up to 600 horsepower, a number the Lexus LS cannot compete with.
  • The iDrive system in the BMW 7 Series has multiple ways to control, including personalized voice commands, but the Lexus LS has an unintuitive and clumsy infotainment system.
  • Both models come standard with rear-wheel drive and have all-wheel drive as an option.

  • You can fit more cargo into the trunk of the 2020 BMW 7 Series than you can in the 2019 Lexus LS.
  • There is no feature in the 2019 Lexus LS that is similar to the Extended Traffic Jam Assist that is in the BMW 7 Series.
  • Standard leather upholstery can be found on both models, with Dakota Leather on the 2020 7 Series.
  • The BMW 7 Series comes standard with a heated steering wheel, a feature you need to pay more to add into the Lexus LS.
  • Four-zone climate control comes standard on the 7 Series, but only dual-zone climate control comes standard on the Lexus LS.