BMW Concept Cars Give Drivers a Look into the Future of Sports Cars and SAVs

BMW is looking to shape the way cars are developed.  With the release of its concept cars it is clear BMW is making a statement with its sleek, electric-run vehicles.  With an emphasis on luxury and superior performance, BMW wants to show you the way of the future.

Hover over the images below to learn more about these concept vehicles.

BMW Vision M Next

The future of BMW sports cars has arrived in the form of the BMW Vision M Next.  This concept coupe gives you a battery-powered option when tackling the open road.  The stylish gullwing doors will catch your attention.  The matted neon Thrilling Orange paint job and rear spokes makes this stand out as a leader on the road.  Feel the charge of the four-cylinder gas-electric hybrid engine, as you crank out a monstrous 600 horsepower.  The zero-to-60 time of 3.0 seconds will leave you floored, as you hit 186 miles per hour.

BMW Vision iNext

BMW is proving you don't need to be bland and boring to have an all-electric sport activity vehicle.  The BMW Vision iNext is evidence of that.  With a bold style and advanced technology, the Vision iNext will seem more like an exclusive club than the inside of a luxury crossover.  24-inch wheels and suicide doors are just the tip of the iceberg.  Featuring the new unobtrusive "shy tech", the Vision iNext gives you two display screens spanning nearly the entirety of the dash.  A projector is situated in the rear ceiling and can be maneuvered with hand gestures.

BMW Concept iX3

BMW expands its base of electric-driven cars with the BMW Concept iX3.  The first all-electric Sport Activity Vehicle comes in a more traditional, but not unimpressive package, than its futuristic concept counterparts. The single electric motor will give you 270 horsepower and is expected to get 249 miles on a charge.

M8 Gran Coupe Concept

The future can't get more stylish than the BMW M8 Gran Coupe.  One look at this sleek sports body and you know it was built for speed.  A long hood, shorter tail and gold-colored M Twin tailpipes show you it takes performance seriously.  Born from the same mold as the M8 GTE, the M8 Gran Coupe shares the same aim for power and melds a touch of luxury.  Its signature yellow LED headlamps provide maximum visibility when racing through the turns.  But the real head-turner is the unique Saleve Vert paint design, which calls to mind the Northern Lights.

BMW I Vision Dynamics

BMW is taking the idea of the sedan and taking it to the next level with the BMW I Vision Dynamics.  This four-door sedan brings you an all-electric engine with an extremely sleek frame, capable of taking you in excess of 300 miles on a single 30-minute charge.  All while traveling up to 120 mph.  Even the trademark dual kidney grille undergoes a futuristic change.  A glass roof  stretches the length of the car and brings you a feeling of openness in this totally unique vehicle.