German Native Cherishes BMW 3 Series Collection

It was back in 1975 when the BMW 3 Series lineup first landed at brand dealerships, including those in the Bavarian automaker's homeland of Germany. And, since the very beginning, this range has been offering drivers sophisticated styling and well-engineered performance.

Actually, it's for those abovementioned reasons that Daniel Falkenberg, a German native, first fell in love with the BMW 3 Series at the ripe age of ten. Now, decades later, he owns 10 examples of the range and maintains them like they're his second family; but they're much more than that.

You see, in addition to being Falkenberg's prized collection, the ten lovingly used BMW models also represent the impressive history of the 3 Series.

Take the BMW 323i for instance. This vehicle, which is also part of his remarkable collection, is one of the very first models designed under the 3 Series moniker. Under the hood it boasts a six-cylinder engine, which was quite avant-garde at the time of its inception.

Of course at Rick Hendrick BMW of Charleston, just like you, we completely understand Falkenberg's infatuation with the German automaker's 3 Series models; albeit our admiration is spread out across the brand's luxurious lineup.

To learn more about your favorite range, perhaps the sophisticated BMW 5 Series, we welcome you visit our showroom in Charleston, SC. During your stopover we're happy to arrange test drives and detail the specs of the vehicles that catch your eye. And, upon your return, we're available to answer any questions.