"We have a Genius, and he's here to help"

Here at Rick Hendrick BMW, our goal is to make sure that you enjoy everything that your BMW has to offer. Our BMW Genius, Max is always readily available to provide our customers with helpful information pertaining to their BMW.  Our Genius is here to answer questions and to provide soluble data at any geographical measure- in person, online, and/or via telephone.

"To be a product genius, you must first have the passion for the product.  I'm consistently attending extensive training to ensure that I am well equipped and updated with product knowledge, from the inner workings of mechanics to the endless amount of growing technological components that most people are interested in"-says Max.

Our product genius will assist in finding the perfect vehicle to suit all specifications.  In addition, the Virtual Product Presenter or VPP will be installed in our center to give customers a 3D tour of our products in stock.  The Virtual Product Presenter will display our exact inventory, and all other combinations according to the customer's needs and wants.

As a continuing resource for our customers, we will assist in familiarizing customers with every aspect of their BMW- before, after, and during your purchase.  If we do not know the answer off hand, we have countless resources to ensure that we are able to provide answers.  In efforts of doing so, we will notate your questions and find solutions before contacting you. 

Other resources that are available to assist you:

BMW Genius online community:  Where all geniuses across the nation will propose questions and begin discussions.

BMWgeniusapp.com  (could also be reached at 1-844-4Genius)

For more information or to schedule a visit with our Product Genius, contact Max King directly at Max.King@Hendrickauto.com or 843-402-6586.

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