Seeing double


In one of our recent blog posts talked about how impressive the BMW M Series is and why it is the perfect place for the performance-hungry driver. Here at Rick Hendrick BMW Charleston we want our Charleston, Summerville, and Mt. Pleasant customers to enjoy the perks of a great new car, but sometimes we understand that it is tough to choose between a BMW M5 and an M6 since both have incredible style and 560 horsepower, so our solution:


Get them both!


Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up each morning with not only one lovely BMW model, but two sitting side by side in your driveway? This is a reality so many already enjoy, so why not you? If you can't see yourself owning two BMW models, or if you are having trouble picturing it, look at what we have posted here for you, then decide if it's more easily imagined.

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