BMW 4 Series: The Power and Luxury You Need

Drivers looking for a coupe a little bit bigger than the 2 Series with all of the potency that made the old 3 Series two-door of yore so sought after, yet dialed up--we have quite the winning proposition. Meet the 2016 BMW 4 Series--a two door that offers some pretty impressive beast mode on top of its luxurious finishing.

The 4 Series is predominantly a two-door, yes, but it also comes with a few niche body styles that up the ante. The coupe and hard top convertible are the two foremost and popular models, but a four-door Gran Coupe hatch and a potent M4 is also available for those who are looking for a little bit more from the car's lower and longer stance. There is also no shortage of power on tap: 240, 300, and 425 horsepower is available through the ranks.

To try the 4 Series for yourself, contact our BMW dealership in Charleston, SC. If you have any questions about which model might be the best fit for your tastes, drop us a line by phone or email, and we'll happily get the ball rolling.

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