Luxury Performance Without Excess in the BMW X5 xDrive35i

While the BMW X5 offers luxurious trappings galore, and a spacious and practical cabin, it’s also designed to offer a thrilling driving experience at every level. With a chassis designed to handle this in every trim level, the trick is figuring out just how much power you need. If you prefer “balance” over “excess,” the xDrive35i is where you’ll find it.

The xDrive35i is one step up from the base sDrive35i, which has a performance-oriented rear-wheel drive bias. Throwing AWD into the mix puts the X5 on even footing, and also gives you better traction in inclement weather. It also has quite a bit of fun factor, thanks to a 300-horsepower inline-six with 295 lb-ft of torque, which thanks to the turbocharger, kicks in at just 1,300 rpm. This means you can perform everything from leisurely saunters to power launches, with a sport mode available for added excitement.

Of course, you can get plenty of options and add-ons to further enhance your new BMW model. To learn more about our vehicles, and these features, contact our Charleston, SC location and schedule a test drive.

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