Essential Tools for Your Roadside Emergency Kit

While it would be great to drive around with an entire mechanics toolkit in your trunk, grocery's and passengers can make that impossible. Here's a list of some tools that you should consider adding to your roadside emergency kit.
First, your toolkit should be tailored to your level of mechanical comfort. If you're not sure if you should have a left handed wrench then you should probably limit your toolkit to things you feel safe using. At a bare minimum, you should include your spare tire and jack, some road flares, and jumper cables. Beyond that, a small set of common sockets and a ratchet, a multi-tool, a set of screwdrivers, and a wrench should be able to get you back on the road and to a shop for minor problems. Lastly, don't forget the duck tape. Duck tape solves more problems than you realize.
Putting together a roadside emergency kit should include a set of tools that can keep you safe and get you to someone else that can help you make more comprehensive repairs.
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