Before you try to tow any size vehicle, working through a safety checklist will ensure you get to where you are going without any trouble. Minimizing chances of an accident begin with these safety tips.

  • Check the hitch on your vehicle to see the rating. If it is not rated high enough for the load you will be towing, don't take a chance. The hitch should be able to handle more than the expected weight.
  • Once the lighting is connected, have someone work the brake pedal and check to see if the lights work. Check the parking lights, the blinkers, and the emergency flashers too.
  • When you adjust your mirrors, you should be able to see around most of the towed vehicle. Install additional side mirrors over existing mirrors to see in blind spots.

At Rick Hendrick BMW Charleston we wanted to pass on this safety information for the next time you tow a vehicle. For more information visit us today!

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