You probably don't think much about your car's windshield wipers until the just don't work well on a rainy day. Ineffective windshield wipers can create a dangerous situation when the rain comes down because your visibility might end up greatly impaired. Worn out windshield wipers must be changed quickly.

The rubber in a windshield wiper blade leaves streaks when it is aged and worn. Simply replacing the old rubber with new rubber blades should fix things. Streaks and spots won't likely appear when fresh and new wiper blades are put in place.

The windshield wiper blades must also evenly spread out windshield wiper fluid. No wiper fluid should leave uneven streaks either. That can happen with degraded rubber blades.

In our service center here at Rick Hendrick BMW Charleston, we'll check out the windshield wiper blades and perform any necessary replacements. Bring your car to our location in Charleston, SC and our mechanics do the rest.

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