Future BMW Models You'll Want to Check Out

Rick Hendrick BMW Charleston understands that it can be somewhat challenging to keep up with all the innovative and exciting new models BMW is creating. To help keep up with all the changes, we want to provide an overview of the future BMW vehicles coming to the market soon. Explore these fantastic upcoming cars and SUVs to see which one you'll want to test drive when it hits our showroom floor.

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An Exciting Electric Sedan: The 2021 BMW i4

BMW is no stranger when it comes to creating state-of-the-art vehicles, which is why we expect big things from the 2021 BMW i4. This midsize electric car is bound to turn heads as it rolls down the street thanks to its distinctive and sleek exterior design. The lavish cabin will feature rose gold trim and white leather, engulfing you in luxury every time you get inside.

On top of being stylish, the new i4 is also high performing. BMW estimates that the all-new BMW i4 will have a range of up to 372 miles with a fully charged battery. You won't have to wait very long to charge this battery either as it can regain up to 80 percent of its driving range in about 35 minutes. Plus, you'll feel the power when you hit the pedal as this model is expected to produce an impressive 530 horsepower.

The 2021 BMW x5 xDrive45e is the Plug-In Hybrid for You

The plug-in hybrid version of the popular BMW x5 is arriving soon, and you'll definitely want to check it out. The 2021 BMW x5 xDrive45e upgrades to a better engine than what was in its predecessor. The new powertrain is a 3.0-liter six-cylinder that produces 389 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. With numbers like this, acceleration will be quick and easy in this new model.

You'll also notice an increase in savings at the pump as you can switch to electric-only power to save your gas. The all-electric driving mode is expected to have a range of 30 miles, meaning you can make shorter trips without using a drop of gasoline. This all-electric driving mode will come in handy for drivers with short commutes to work or a quick errand close to home.

The Redesigned 2021 BMW 4-Series is Making a Statement

The 2021 BMW 4-Series is gaining a lot of attention thanks to its upgraded exterior design and impressive performance. You can choose between the coupe or convertible body style for the 430i and the M440i models. Powering the new BMW 430i is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, capable of 255 horsepower. Propelling the new BMW M440i is a 3.0-liter inline-six paired with a hybrid system that ups the power to 382 horsepower.

While the engine options are robust, there are other benefits to investing in this model when it is released. Other perks of this upcoming model include a retuned suspension system and more precise steering, making it easy to take corners in this new car. BMW also made the rear track wider and the center of gravity lower, adding to the overall exciting driving experience this future model will provide.

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We are just as excited as you for these new BMW models to arrive on our showroom. Rick Hendrick BMW Charleston hopes these highlights of future BMW models give you a better idea of which one you'll want to take for a spin when released. To learn more about the many outstanding innovative features of these new models, come talk to one of our car experts today.