Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Even though synthetic oil may cost more initially; this type of oil can increase the performance of your car as opposed to conventional oil. But, what is synthetic oil and why would it possibly be a good idea to put synthetic oil in your car?

Conventional oil is made from minerals and is a common type of oil that is used in oil changes. Synthetic oil is an engine lubricant that is created from chemical compounds. Some varieties of synthetic oil also use conventional oil as a base. The oil is then altered to produce a synthetic variety. Other types of synthetic oil are created from raw materials. Conventional oil, also known as standard oil, is made from crude oil.

A number of mechanic's assert that synthetic oil has more advantages over conventional oil. Oil that is made synthetically is thinner, which means it can withstand high temperatures more efficiently. You may not notice a difference in your car's performance, but the oil can cause the parts of your vehicle to function better for longer periods of time. This means you'll spend less money on repairs and won't have to get oil changes as often.

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